Songbyrd and Live Nation Presents
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM

$12 / $15

Songbyrd and Live Nation Presents

Saturday September 4, 2021


Honesty is the best policy, but that adage is most powerful when applied to music. For Arrested Youth, started by Ian Johnson in 2017, truth is the impetus behind any good song. It’s why Ian writes lyrics and why fans connect to his songs so strongly. For his first studio album, 'Nonfiction,' Ian offers a glimpse into his struggles - and triumphs - over the last year. 
 "These are songs about where I was at in my life and what I was going through,” Ian says of 'Nonfiction,' which follows Arrested Youth’s EPs, FEAR (2018) and Sobville (2019). “I’m here to tell my story, for better or worse. Writing this album has helped me put a lot of things into perspective, and I hope it can do the same for others.”



The seven-piece group is a community of adventurous and charismatic superstar musicians who are conservatory-trained but who have not lost their childlike wonder and awe for playing music. The band lineup is Sammy Miller, drums and vocals; Sam Crittenden, trombone; Ben Flocks, tenor sax; Sammy’s sister Molly Miller on guitar; Alphonso Horne, trumpet; Corbin Jones, bass and tuba; and David Linard, piano. Independently, the band members have performed and recorded with notable artists including Wynton Marsalis, Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz, and Beyoncé.

Sammy convened the band in 2014, and 2015, he earned a Grammy Award nomination for his work as a drummer with Joey Alexander. Since the band’s inception, the Congregation has played nonstop around the world. Select highlights include performances at Umbria Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, Jazz At Lincoln Center, The White House, The Kennedy Center, Prokofiev Concert Hall in Russia, and at the Newport Jazz Festival where the group received a standing ovation. The seven-piece band has also garnered prime critical acclaim from such venerated outlets as Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, SF Weekly, Vanity Fair and Jazz Journal, among other publications.