Classic Album Sunday DC Presents
All Ages

DOORS: 3:00 PM // SHOW: 3:00 PM


Sunday May 10, 2020


During these challenging times we must look after ourselves mentally, as well as physically. Music can have a profound effect on both our emotions and body. Listening to music can improve memory functions, increase rate of healing, alleviate pain, decrease stress, improve workouts and more. With that in mind we have decided to put together a weekly program of online events to engage people with music and ease the anxiety that can come with isolation. Welcome to Classic Albums at Home.

Join Joe Lapan at 8pm GMT on Sunday 10th May as he tells the story behind the album, streaming live from his own home. After the presentation, participants have the opportunity to play the album in their own home on whichever format is accessible but following the CAS listening session rules: uninterrupted and refraining from any other activity including talking. We encourage our listeners to close their eyes and entirely devote themselves to the music. At the end of the album, we will return to Facebook and discuss the album and our experience in the comments section. And for fans who want more: we will post a ‘Musical Lead-Up’ playlist earlier in the day to whet your appetite prior to the live session.