Songyrd and Bad Habits Dc Present
Live Stream Via @BadHabitsDc Instagram

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 7:00 PM


Thursday April 30, 200

Live Stream Via Instagram @BadHabits.DC


Help us to generate revenue thru donations for the talents of the area as well as the venues that have supported them since the beginning. We’re here to ensure that the artists aren't forgotten about during these challenging times. Most artists receive their highest income from shows and tours, and due to the pandemic all of that has been halted abruptly and is stopping artists and venues from generating the proper funds to stay afloat. We are here to make sure there is still a DC music scene for us when this is all said and done.

As the nation adjusts to the new reality of life under self-quarantine in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we are taking our event online(IG LIVE) to share some musical entertainment to the fans all around the world. The virtual concert will take place on April 30th from 7pm-10pm:



Hosted By: LeanAndCuisine @LeanAndCuisine


With Performances by....

Ciscero @ciscero

Butch Dawson @butchdawson

Hell Vacany @hellvacancy.corp

Kassim 20NVR @kassim20nvr

THE KHAN @atomoskhan

Matt Mcghee @mattxmcghee

Spinrillo @spinrillo

DJ Bri Mafia @djbrimafia

Marti @misfit.marti

Knyves Escobar @knyves.escobar