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Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge 

Monday April 20, 2020 



New Orleans indie trio Pope is a snapshot of the melodic, melancholic alternative rock landscape that many of those older siblings ushered us through growing up in the ‘90s. Alternating songwriters Alejandro Skalany (also of New Holland and Donovan Wolfington) and Matt Seferian (Buncho and Donovan Wolfington) have worked together in different projects since adolescence in Houston, TX. Upon arriving / reuniting in New Orleans with their longtime friend Atticus Lopez, they founded Pope. Their new album on Community Records, True Talent Champion, is their second full-length exhibition of their long-standing friendships, and integral shared love of iconic late ‘80s and early ‘90s bands like Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, and Guided By Voices.

Skalany and Seferian’s alternation as frontman offers a sort of cat’s cradle – two friends forming a picture together in yarn. Each song, an earworm ode to a feeling or experience ultimately forming a ten song assortment of what amuses, distresses, soothes, and excites. While their lyrics can arrive as poetically abstract, Lopez’s drumming keeps Pope focused on the alt rock craft at hand and unintrusively frames every croon, shout, hook, rise, and fall with room for the occasional touch of grunge, indie pop, and country


Tosser is a 4-piece rock band from Washington DC. Born as a bedroom recording endeavor of guitarist/vocalist Eric Zidar, the project released a self titled EP in 2017 followed by another EP “Lures” in 2018. Their debut album, "Total Restraint" was released independently in February of 2020. Recorded at the Washington DC studio “Lurch”, the band’s newest idiosyncratic effort shifts from melodic shoegaze to angular noise pop across its eleven tracks. Now joined by bassist Ryan Plummer, guitarist Victor Arce (Victor Archie) and Zeeshan Shad (The Sea Life) on drums, the band has evolved their songwriting in a heavier and more frenetic direction while still preserving the airy melodies heard on the past releases. Lyrically the songs are delivered as an introspective anecdote stocked with anxiety and lethargy. Chasing a balance between realism and wishful thinking, Zidar often opts out for the latter.