with Nah and Teevee

Songbyrd Presents
Upstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 8:30 PM // SHOW: 9:00 PM

Free ($10 Suggested Donation)

Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge 

Friday February 14, 2020


Deau Eyes is Ali Thibodeau: Richmond, Virginia born and raised singer, songwriter, actress, choreographer, nanny, truck driver, waitress, construction worker, tour manager, baker, bartender, painter, Harry Potter World witch, tap dancing elf, camp counselor, journalist, Soul Cycle receptionist, puppeteer, open mic host, saleswoman, team building expert, free sample distributor, box office attendant, personal assistant, Zumba instructor, and dog walker.

Ever since Thibodeau left high school early in her junior year, she has been working to support herself, her art, and her healthy appetite for adventure. Lifelong dreams of a career in performance brought her to live in New York, Florida, Idaho, and all over Virginia, to work in theaters, theme parks, studios, classrooms, festivals, and cruise ships. For most of her life, Thibodeau has been part of the ensemble — dancing, speaking, and singing from a script. It has only been in recent years that she has listened to herself, to her original inner voice, and began to translate her wide range of experiences into her own music.

Her debut album Let It Leave, set to release in May 2020 on Egghunt Records, was recorded in January of 2018 at Trace Horse Studios in Nashville, TN. The recording was funded by an overwhelmingly supported Kickstarter, meaningful proof to Thibodeau that people believe in her, and in turn, fueling her belief in herself. She called upon her longtime friends and co-producers Jacob Blizard and Collin Pastore, whose creative efforts show up on records by Lucy Dacus (hi, that’s me) and illuminati hotties, among others. The songs celebrate the joys and complications of a liminal life — balancing between freedom and stability, falling into and out of love, and trusting yourself through the noise of other people’s expectations.

On the upbeat crowd favorite “Paper Stickers,” she looks at the world through the eyes of her frustrated 8-year-old niece, saying, “Hey look I raised my hand first. / Why didn’t you call on me?” The song “Some Do” shows Thibodeau rejecting the soul-sucking lifestyle of office work while commenting on the similarities between the corporate atmosphere and auditioning for shows in New York. “Autonomy” and “Full Proof” show what she has learned, with some distance from heartbreak, that she has played the part of someone’s projections for too long, that she must rely on herself before anyone else. The album is full of bravado, a contagious confidence that has been hard-won.

Since recording, she has been DIY touring the U.S. with and without her band. Her live shows are sometimes loud and punky and sometimes subdued and sweet, varying from song to song. As a spectator, you understand the emotion of the music as much from her captivating stage presence as you through her skillfully crafted song lyrics. It is clear that she puts her theater experience to good use; however, playing as Deau Eyes, Thibodeau is far from acting. When the floor is hers, she is disarmingly earnest.

— Words by Lucy Dacus


We’re 5 friends from the Washington DC area making indie rock, dreamgaze, hippie punk, or whatever you hear when you’re listening to us. Nah. began in 2015 with an almost entirely different cast of humans as the brainchild of bassist Brendan Ra Tyler, the intention behind it being a way to communicate better about mental health and healing, a purpose that has held strong for 3 years. As a group we strive to create more inclusive, loving, and safe spaces for anyone who might stumble upon one of our shows. Spaceship Sound Studios was started in 2018 in the Nah. band home by drummer Stephen Rodriguez as an effort to help boost the DIY community in DC and get more local music that we believe in on streaming services, or just out into the world for more people to hear. We’re all about music, community, and love. You’re welcome any time.

vox - emma bleker
bassman - brendan ra tyler
synthscaper - zack be
drums - stephen rodriguez
guitar - chris smith



Teevee. is the combined artistic projects of Dylan Hyman (Boyds, MD) and Woody Moore (Jacksonville, FL). The two met at Davidson College's radio station, WALT 1610 AM, and began to organize more events to cater to the growing music scene on campus. The project is a blend of genres, media forms, and production styles. Ranging from pop punk to atmospheric ambient drones, from apartment show to live art piece, there is no one set menu or setting for the teevee. experience.


After college, Dylan took time to further produce their songs and in 2019 released their debut EP, have a great show, you too, a four song performance captured to tape. Later that year, the compilation, .edu Years was released and compiled the entire discography over the course of the previous four years. Early 2020 looks to be busy for the duo- teevee. presents: THE SWEATS releases 2/14/2020 just in time to gift to the punker in the relationship. The album was recorded at Dylan's home studio in rural Boyds, MD over the course of two weeks in the winter of 2019. The album can be described as an ode to the warm, tape driven cassette culture of the 80's and 90's.