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Monday February 3, 2020


Urban pastorals unfold in the music of Gabriel Birnbaum, the multi-instrumentalist, singer and writer behind the songs of Brooklyn’s Wilder Maker. Wilder Maker’s songs keenly observe landscapes of desire and abandon, filled with colorful characters and street revelations, in a musical setting as boldly diverse as their NYC home base.




October ‘71 is a mob story steeped in sin, dipped in infidelity, an MLB championship, a rogue agent, political corruption, and mortal consequences.

All of these musical adventures quietly saturate “Live at the Heartbreak Hotel,” - the first album from the band - of fluid, polyglot pop spiked with splashes of “Tropicalia, bossa [nova], blues, punk and no-wave.” But, Stokes says, he never set out to make genre-punch. He’s more interested in mood, and cultivates it by inviting close collaborators to the score of motifs that come from those feelings & scenes.

Now with "Episode IV", the first installment in the 9-part '71 series, we're welcomed into the story amidst total chaos. Listen below.

“In today’s over-saturated and all-too-familiar musical landscape, it’s refreshing to see artists create a project that doesn’t necessarily fit into society’s drab expectations. October ‘71 operate in that ethos, an ensemble that features Sir E.U, Jesse Sattler, Sam Catherman, Andrew Pendergrast, Rob Stokes, Sean Lesczynski, and Louis Puech.” - Laura Irene, Washington City Paper


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"Episode IV"

“Live at the Heartbreak Hotel”


"Can I Wear This?"


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