with Superbody

Songbyrd Presents
Upstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 8:30 PM // SHOW: 9:00 PM

Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge 

Wednesday October 30, 2019


Goodbye Honolulu, evoke a 90s slacker vibe mixing vintage garage rock n roll history with modern elements, it’s not exactly pop and it’s not exactly punk.We all know how these band biographies go, right? Friends meet in high school, start jamming, form band in parents’ garage and everyone lives happily ever after.Well Goodbye Honolulu DID meet in high school but they didn’t just form one band. Actually we're getting ahead of ourselves. Max and Emmett met on Halloween in Grade 5 when they both turned up at school dressed as James Bond, and a few weeks later the pair had formed their first band. Max and Emmett met Jacob and Fox in High School and formed 5 individual projects, also while still in school the foursome started their own record label, the 100% local Toronto label Fried Records. While other kids were cramming for exams or wasting away playing video games, the Goodbye Honolulu boys were busy playing in bars (attempting to sneak their underage friends in), honing their live skills, writing songs and self releasing multiple albums a year.

These teenage years were laying the foundations and as they hit their 20s Emmett, Jacob, Fox and Max decided to join forces and focus their song-writing and energy to one project, say “hello” to Goodbye Honolulu.Goodbye Honolulu is best known for their live shows and in best form when every member is screaming their heads off with shout along choruses. Whether it’s Emmett’s fuzz-layered guitar, Jacob’s gnarly vocals, Fox’s Bowie-inspired vocal inflections or Max beating his drum kit to death, Goodbye Honolulu make their audience the VIP guests to their rock n roll party.Highlights of Goodbye Honolulu’s ride so far include two USA tours supporting their pals Hinds, releasingNo Honey(2017) and releasing their debut album Heavy Gold in 2016.


Superbody is a tiny indie band with enormous music — and maybe the greatest '80s pop act to emerge from 21st century late capitalism. The outfit is the Tennessee basement-born and bedroom-produced DIY fever dream of 24-year-old producer and musician Robert McCurry.