with Toledo

Songbyrd and LiveNation Present
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM

$13 / $16



Songbyrd and LiveNation Present

Friday November 1, 2019


Mating Ritual is an independent pop duo based in Los Angeles, CA. Previously known as Pacific Air, Ryan Marshall Lawhon founded Mating Ritual in 2014 when his brother Taylor decided to go back to school. Though initially a solo project, Mating Ritual became increasingly more collaborative leading up to his debut album, 2017’s How You Gonna Stop It?, released on Ryan’s own label, Smooth Jaws. Working heavily with other LA songwriters and artists, including ascending pop singer Lizzy Land, the brothers realized they missed creating music as a duo and immediately began work on Mating Rituals sophomore album, Light Myself On Fire.

Blending Taylor’s love of 80’s synth pop with Ryan’s post punk infatuation, Light Myself On Fire is a darker, grittier record that shows the brothers refining their individual talents from a much grander and more unified statement. Written entirely after midnight (with the exception of one noticeably sunny tune), these 9 songs talk about maturation and commitment. “Committing to anything long term can be difficult,” says Ryan “Boredom and complacency set in, and while change can be a good thing, using it as a crutch will just bring you back to the same place, feeling emptier than before. This album is about learning that the grass is not always greener, that the next fleeting dopamine rush won’t solve everything. In a weird way, I think this my better-late-than –never coming of age record”


Toledo is Dan and Jordan, with their dankest powers combined, are TOLEDO. Let me paint a powerful picture for you, detailing those powers: while they write music together, this intense level of cerebral fusion oftentimes yields a strange purple steam emitting from Dan's ears, nose, and eyes (simultaneously), and sometimes causes Jordan to inexplicably and without hesitation speak fluent Mandarin. I've seen it myself, along with other weird otherworldly happenings, and it's disturbing. Also I swear on my ex-wife's complicated, room-temperature, mildly endearing heart they aren't as sad in real life as some of their early experimental songs might suggest. They're weirdos, but happy. Trust me I've spent a lot of time with them... btw I'm Ralph - mgmt.  

Jordan likes anime and peanut butter in his ramen noodles, while Dan enjoys tortellini and jogging many miles. They reside in together in Brooklyn, New York as of August 2018. The guys think the sounds of acts ranging from Alvvays and Feist, to Grizzly Bear and Beach Fossils, are cool.

Their debut EP, 'Hot Stuff', was released February '19 independently with AWAL. There will be a few singles released before then. Speaking of single, Dan is single and he tells me he wants a girlfriend but I think he should just enjoy living in the city for now and play the field. But DM him through our Instagram if you're interested lol.