with Hit Like A Girl and Art Sorority

Songbyrd Presents
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM

$13 / $15



Songbyrd Presents

Saturday October 12, 2019


"Sad songs for fun times," that’s how songwriter John - Allison “A.W.” Weiss describes the music they've been making for over a decade. From power - pop anthems to soft folky tear - jerkers, the genres shift but Weiss’s core values raw honesty, bubblegum hooks, and DIY ethos run deep.

In 2009, Weiss was one of the first artists to crowdfund a record through Kickstarter with their debut album ...Was Right All Along . The next ten years were an uphill battle as a queer artist in an industry so often focused on marke tability. Still, Weiss pressed on, quietly collecting cred on tour with rock legend Lou Reed, writing with heroes like Tegan Quin and Kevin Devine, and cultivating a community of diehard fans across the globe. In 2018 came the biggest shift, when Weiss cha nged their band name to A.W. and came out as nonbinary.

On their quest for unabashed authenticity and despite the risk of a permanent voice change Weiss started hormone replacement therapy alongside regular voice lessons. "In the back of my mind I always k new this was what I wanted, so I went for it," says Weiss, who has shared their life on social media since the dawn of Facebook and Twitter. "I want trans kids to see that you can take T and keep on singing. I want everyone to see that living your truth is worth it." This fall ...Was Right All Along is hitting streaming services for the first time and A.W. is heading out on tour to celebrate, delivering the album's collection of scrappy heartbreak songs in a new, lower key.


Hit Like A Girl is an indie/emo/pop band from Montclair, New Jersey fronted by Nicolle Maroulis. Nicolle is a non-binary/queer artist who started this project on their own. They began writing these songs years ago with an acoustic guitar and a vision. They spent years and years supporting other artists' musical endeavors, and finally decided to put that same energy into their own music. What initially started as just a singer-songwriter acoustic project, has now transformed into the full-band energetic sound we know and love today as Hit Like A Girl.

The band has since been a collective involving different people to play different instruments at various shows, but Frederick Pruden is usually there too.

Nicolle runs a non profit organization called No More Dysphoria, and at their shows sell merch for this organization. All proceeds of sales go towards aiding transgender and gender non conforming individuals pay for major aspects of their transitions including but not limited to hormone replacement therapy, gender reassignment surgery, gender behavioral and occupational therapy, etc. You can learn more about their organization by visiting


When Daoud Tyler-Ameen played his first shows at the turn of the millennium, he was a teenager devouring early Ted Leo and Sleater-Kinney albums and wondering if Weezer would ever be good again. Born in the Manhattan of the '80s and raised on the MTV of the '90s, he made his stage debut in 2002, opening with a just-finished song about the driving test he'd failed earlier that day.

Within a few years he was a fixture of New York's antifolk scene, whose emphasis on lyric-driven songwriting, scrappy DIY ethics and acoustic aggression left a lasting mark. Art Sorority (formerly Art Sorority for Girls) developed around him as a rotating collective; through turns as a co-ed harmony duo, a baritone guitar-powered trio and a classic rock quartet, the songs grew hookier and heavier, taking on a cinematic quality with fleshed-out characters and dramatic narrative arcs.

Released in 2011 after a trio of homebrewed EPs, Slow Dance is the band's full-length debut. Though recorded in a home studio, it builds a lush, layered splendor from the contributions of two dozen musicians. That same year, Tyler-Ameen relocated to Washington, D.C., where he quickly immersed himself in the intimacy and intensity of its punk scene. Older Boys — the stripped-down answer to Slow Dance's sparkle and polish, featuring drummer Josh Gottesman — followed in 2014. Since 2015, Tyler-Ameen has also been a member of the D.C. power-pop ensemble Bad Moves.