Songbyrd and LiveNation Present
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM

$23.50 / $26.50


Due to popular demand the 9/20 Snow tha Product concert is being moved to the Fillmore Silver Spring on 9/29. All previously purchased Songbyrd tickets will be honored at the Fillmore on the new date. Because of date change, refunds will be granted on request.


Songbyrd and LiveNation Present

Sunday September 29, 2019 @ Fillmore Silver Spring


Few things are as beautiful, as sought after, as beguiling as freedom. With over a decade in the game, California’s Snow Tha Product has always moved with freedom—and her fans—on the forefront of her mind. Between sour deals with indie labels, managing her own company, and wriggling away from a longtime deal with Atlantic Records, Snow has established herself as the pinnacle of an artist with a DIY mentality.

“I’m not that type of artist,” Snow says of her time at Atlantic. “I don’t need writers. I don’t need the whole fluff thing. I need to just be real with my fans. I’m not the type of artist you can put together and put into a box. I just fit better on my own.”

Not slotting into the major-label system, it only makes sense that Snow returns to her roots—roots that she essentially never left—and ventured out on her own. Parting with Atlantic was amicable, as the potential for a split was something she had previously discussed with the label.

“I just wanna be happy, and I realized to be happy I just wanna do what I wanna do with this music,” she continues. “That’s when it connects the most. When I finally let everybody be wrong, that’s when I realized I needed to do my thing.”

Snow Tha Product’s “thing” has resulted in two new songs, “Today I Decided” and “Going Off,” which she frames more like notes to fans than proper singles: “I was just letting a lot of people know: yes, I’m gonna move forward… On ‘Going Off’ I’m just so excited and I’m bouncing around. And I think those two energies needed to be put out. I am gonna get what I deserve, but I also am so happy to be doing my thing.”

Over the course of our interview, it became clear that second only to Snow’s happiness—a very, very close second—is the happiness of her fans. Ever mindful of her impact as an artist and the various identities she is representing in her music, Snow Tha Product is more fan-first than ever.

“At the end of the day, I’m just some Mexican girl that wants to impact other Mexican girls [laughs],” she jests. Without question, her impact is felt. With tours, tapes, videos, and a potential EP on the way, this new chapter in Snow Tha Product’s career may be her more exciting.