Songbyrd Presents
Upstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 8:30 PM // SHOW: 9:00 PM

Free ($5 Suggested Donation)

Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge 

Sunday September 29, 2019


Resting between Atlantic City and Philadelphia, South of the Pine Barrens, yet North of “The Swamps of Jersey”, lies Hedera. Inhabiting a seldom used tractor shed, a bygone relic of the land’s past, three creatives breathe new life into what many would consider a fossil. While horses, peaches, and fennel were abandoned as Jersey’s livelihood, Hedera, common ivy, took root in the remnants of its culture.

Three musicians, creatives, and entrepreneurs, Hedera takes pride in our independence. The entrepreneurial nature of music demands a self-sufficient approach to the creative process; an undertaking we happily welcome. Hedera’s strength lies in our ability and willingness to learn. We direct, film, record, and produce all of our video content. We ideate, photograph, design, and publish our entire online presence. We plan, construct, and repair our instruments and studio space. We write, harmonize, arrange, and perform original songs.

Hedera’s sound has been interpreted as “ jazz from a garage”, a description that melds both genre and character, a portrayal we hold very near and dear to our hearts. Our formal music education is met with the scrappiness of Americana, a sort of “rugged-chic”. Exemplifying this are our songwriting and instrumental palettes which utilize the competing energies of rock-inspired grooves with the discordances of jazz harmony. While many musicians hide behind overproduction, obnoxious instrumentation, and distasteful volume, Hedera focuses on the timeless craft of songwriting. In any musical environment, whether it be a stripped down trio or a full-blown stage production, songwriting will always cut through the mix. Thoughtful lyrical content met with clever harmony will always provide a meaningful listening experience, and that is Hedera’s greatest musical asset.

Our mission is to invite open conversation through musicality, our songwriting lies in pragmaticism. Hedera’s art does not offer any answers, our craft cannot solve problems, but we will plant an inquisitive seed and hope that more than anything, the listener takes action.

These three distinctive qualities converged to create Hedera - our methodology, our musical approach, and our mission. These traits journey alongside us, awakened by the horses, peaches, and fennel of South Jersey’s past. Not unlike our home’s heritage, Hedera’s identity is cultivated by perseverance. Our originality intersects foregone concepts with the modern world; our work propels us forward by acknowledging the past.