with Daydrunks

Quadio and Songbyrd Present
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 7:30 PM

$12 / $15



Quadio and Songbyrd Present

Friday September 13, 2019


Quadio brings us a stacked bill of artists endorsing their new music sharing platform!
Back to Yours is a vibrant band that has grown a reputation of being one of the loudest and most exciting bands you can find at Georgetown. They started as friends in a class together, and are now excited to be releasing music on Spotify, Apple Music, and other music streaming services. Their first ever release, “Feeling”, just hit 42,000 plays on Spotify and it is still going up. The band is composed of five very different and somehow compatible individuals:
1.Jiaan Mansuri is the drummer, and is currently majoring in Neuroscience at Georgetown. If there is a medical emergency during the show, just hit the snare drum twice and he’ll know what to do.
2.Bryce Kassalow plays guitar and sings. Bryce will light up the room both with his vivacious smile and laughter and with his fiercely growing ‘fro
3.Daniel Luttway plays keyboard and sings. He enjoys expressing both his musical and comedic talents, writing ballads about his annoying neighbors, the Dominos deliveryman, and clowns utilizing local Laundromats
4.Tommy Levin plays guitar and sings. Don’t just look forward to the excitement he brings on stage; be sure to see what he is up to after the show, because Tommy will show you a good time.
5.Aiden Jones is the bass player, and he is the man to see about your math homework. Be sure to come to him with your multiplication tables after the show: he will sign them.
Back to Yours has been enjoying rapid growth, playing a sold out show with the band “Juice” at Songbyrd in April, playing a packed show at The Pinch in June, and another sold out venue in New York in July. They are very excited to be returning to Songbyrd as headliners. 
PineWalls is a rock band from Washington, D.C. formed by Joseph Allen (vocals/guitar) and David Dell’Isola (bass) in 2016. An eclectic draw of psychedelic, classic, and modern rock influences, PineWalls began as a home recording project in which Allen produced, sang, and played all the music. Soon thereafter, David Dell’Isola joined on bass. Allen and Della’Isola had previously played together on musical projects with legendary record producer Don Zientara (Foo Fighters, Grouplove, Fugazi). In 2019, Greg Rice (drums), Austin Lajoie (guitar), and Naiya Osiyemi (vocals/synth) joined PineWalls. PineWalls are currently working on their first studio album, set to release in 2019. 
Daydrunks is an indie (glitter) rock band from Philadelphia, PA. Formed in August 2017, they are now soon to put out a full length album for everyone to enjoy! They not only love playing their tunes for people to dance to, but they also love bringing glitter to share around and having fun with everyone at shows!