with Bottled Up

Songbyrd Presents
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM

$13 / $15



Songbyrd Presents

Tuesday September 3, 2019


A coheadliner with Dehd & Deeper


Deeper’s Origins date back to 2014 when prior to releasing any material an abrupt line-up change left the Chicago based band looking for a new direction. Singer and guitarist Nic Gohl along with childhood friend, guitarist Mike Clawson and drummer Shiraz Bhatti threw out all of their old songs and brought on bassist Drew McBride to round out the lineup. The subsequent demos leaned on intricate guitar interplay, direct “of the times” vocals and a spirit that speaks to the band’s collective place in this pit of endless internet.

Deeper honed their sound over the course of 2015 & 16’ in basements, lofts, and anywhere that would have them. Touring the demos and landing at a fully realized inflection point. Call it Post-Punk, call it Indie Rock, it’s a record that steps in and out of boxes filtered through an unmistakable midwestern lens. As social norms and political ideologies distort, writing and creating art was the only way to control the growing voice in the band’s collective head. The conceptualizing of the album started and stopped over that two year time warp culminating in a few feverish tracking sessions in late 2017. What was left is a stark shimmering portrait of a modern American experience. It’s observational, poetic and influenced by nuance. Take opening track “Pink Showers” which was conceived through the grid lock of Chicago traffic and the “pursuit” to make your monotonous life meaningful. “I can try, don’t you see that I’m no waste”, rings out over chiming guitars and a steady rhythmic pulse. There’s something burning in us, driving our choices, begging for an answer.

The band has made their mark locally supporting like minded acts Omni, Protomartyr, Chris Cohen & fellow Chicago powerhouses Whitney & Ne-Hi along with their own sold out headlining shows. Fresh off official after show appearances at Pitchfork & Lollapalooza festivals Deeper’s self titled debut album will see release May 25th 2018 On New York based Fire Talk Records.



Love is everyday magic. That’s the impression you get listening to Water, the new album by Chicago trio Dehd. Love rises up into the atmosphere like steam off a summer sidewalk and makes you wild. Love breaks your heart and you consider yourself lucky for it. Like water itself, it surrounds us, it supports us; it’s what we’re made of. It takes the shape of its container.

That’s something Jason Balla, Emily Kempf, and Eric McGrady discovered quickly after forming Dehd in 2014. Balla and Kempf are both veterans of Chicago’s increasingly fruitful DIY scene (Balla with Ne-Hi and Earring, Kempf with Vail and formerly with Lala Lala). When they joined forces with first-time drummer Eric McGrady, they discovered they shared a strange and inexplicable chemistry. The music they make — hazy and reverb-drenched, a scuzzy and hyped-up take on surf rock that could only come from the Third Coast — came so intuitively, it made all three feel like they were stewards of something bigger than themselves, even while that very thing is unmistakably drawn from their own personalities. “There’s always been this easy grace about the band because we purely just love doing it,” Balla says of their immediate coherence.


Bottled Up is a bad habit that beats out all other bad habits. Coming off of a transatlantic move to get away from the dark side of California, Niko Ra (Kid Quazar, Seasick!, Soft Fuxx, and Shari La La's )charmed some of the best players in D.C. with his life story of beautiful trauma involving cults, drugs, and redemption all with an obligatory laugh. After a few lineup changes, BUP includes lil' brother Rohit (Violent Change) as drummer, multi-instrumentalist Colin Kelly (Young Rapids) on bass, and shredders Beth Cannon (Elizabeth II) and Michael Mastrangelo (Fiction Like Non-Fiction) on dual-lead guitar. Their music interrogates, exposes and rewrites Niko’s life into light-hearted songs coming from heavy-hearted places.