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Songbyrd Presents
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM



Songbyrd Presents

Monday August 26, 2019


Coral Benders

Inspired by a rained out levitation festival in 2016 the Coral Benders got their start as an acoustic act playing with a rotating cast of friends in Dr Clocks Nowhere Bar. The Capitol city quintet solidified their current line up after a misfortunate finger reduction accident that saw current organist, Patrick Nease handle the guitar duties while frontman Brennan Duckett lived out his Stooges fantasy as a solo singer. The Coral Benders have crafted their reverb laden sound with a mix of influences starting with sixties garage through the space alien future. Jake Butler and Matt Ciferri hold down a tight rhythm section reminiscent of the lizard wizard himself. Allowing Nease, Duckett and fellow front person Shawn Whites to wander through songs navigating guitar pedals effortlessly through soundscapes as diverse as the ocean is deep. Coral Benders have gained traction as the house band for Long John Silvers, the polarizing ocean themed fish frying fast food chain from central Kentucky, honing their writing and recording skills throughout the process. Whether you catch a psychedelic fish jingle or a raucous live show the Coral Benders will open your third eye to a new world of sonic possibility guaranteed to expand the adult mind and trigger neuron building synapses in the brains of children developing in the womb. Delivered by amplifiers as loud as jet engines, the experience of seeing the Coral Benders just once can illicit an emotional response similar to all of the feelings you have ever had thrust through your cerebral cortex in a single moment.


Super Low

Don’t know what’s to come now,” sings Super Low’s Tiger Adams in the opening track to that band’s debut album. “Just wish you could see that it isn’t going to stay this way.” It’s hopeful, encouraging sentiment married perfectly to a dream pop backdrop that chimes, jangles and whirls giddily around. And it’s the perfect introduction to what this project does so well throughout this self-titled LP. Super Low is the rare artist that knows that heartfelt and often downcast expressions don’t have to be stuck to music that weighs you down like wet clothing. There are ways to have those tough conversations and deal with those harrowing thoughts while letting the sunshine warm your skin and a nice cocktail warm your insides.

The energy and spirit of Super Low is an appropriate reflection of what this project represents for Adams. Until recently, the Memphis-based band was known as China Gate, and under that moniker, they released a full-length and an EP, picking up a small head of steam in their hometown with their ebullient live performances including spots opening for Diarrhea Planet and a SXSW showcase. But that was all going down while Adams was trying to finish up his English lit studies at the University of Memphis. Now that he’s graduated, he’s ready to pour all of his attention and energy into music and with that, give this project a new identity and a new direction.

Super Low - Live at Young Avenue Sound from ONE FOUR THREE on Vimeo.