with Low Rose (Miyazaki) and Yesferatu

Songbyrd Presents
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM



Songbyrd Presents

Saturday June 29, 2019


Honest Haloway began as a solo passion project helmed by songwriter Tim Kratzer in a bedroom in Washington DC. In the early stages, the music was nothing more than a creative outlet where he could convey his wordless evocations into a collection of songs without the intent or expectations to produce tangible outcomes, let alone see the stage.

In 2011 Kratzer released his debut EP titled "The Towns" featuring synth heavy songs that contained remnants of his previous band, The Vita Ruins, but with a more lush and melodic sound and a deeper level of intimate song writing influenced by his personal life. He soon translated the music into live performances where he played dozens of shows during which the project developed into a full band with a rotating group of local musicians. His follow up was 2014’s Perigee, which proved to be a smooth departure from his previous work delineating a much brighter and cleaner dream pop effect to the otherwise lyrically melancholy songs.

After 2 EP’s, several years of performing and opening for larger acts, Honest Haloway has evolved into a 5 member band consisting of D.C. music veterans, Fico Lazzaro-Colon and Ed Barnabas (both of Cedars, and Ms. Director), Greg Balleza (The Vita Ruins, Incredible Change) & Alfonso Bravo (Rival Skies). Together, the members have progressed and redefined the band’s essence by each bringing their own unique stamp to the new guitar heavy tracks, which are noticeably darker and more transient than those of previous works. Honest Haloway is abandoning the standard album release cycle and is releasing a collection of 10 new songs over the course of two years in 2019 & 2020.