with Pagan Reagan and Bottled Up

Songbyrd Presents
Upstairs,All ages

DOORS: 8:30 PM // SHOW: 9:00 PM

Free ($5 Suggested Donation)

Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge 

Friday June 14, 2019


Timothy Eerie

“It’s no accident that the name Timothy Eerie is so close to Timothy Leary , this is the aural equivalent of two tabs and a trip down the rabbit hole. The current wave of psychedelic rockers has their share of sticklers to the rules of a never fully flushed out genre; however, Timothy Eerie is more ‘The Love Witch’ and less Woodstock . It’s true, their sound is reminiscent of a ‘Summer of Love’ geek out in a room reeking of incense and patchouli with a bevy of bare chested beauties finger painting each other; but, Timothy Eerie is firmly planted in current times and thus tongue is planted in cheek with a corresponding wink and nod.” Pure Honey Magazine

These day-glo lads have been kicking around the underground since 2015 and have made quite a name for themselves in a short period of time. Like many of the bands of this genre there has been a revolving door of players, but that only lends to the mystique of Timothy Eerie’s sound. A sound which started as bedroom recording project that has clearly moved beyond the bedroom. Originally from Orlando, Florida— now based in Austin, Texas.



Pagan Reagan

DC-based band playing heavy fuzzy psych rock from outer space. Dual vocals over raw electric guitar and a howlin' violin against a thunder strike of drums.


Bottled Up is a rock and roll quartet from DC. Growing its roots from surf, new-wave, 70's rock, and punk ethos.

"On their self-titled tape, D.C. five-piece Bottled Up offer surf and psychedelic garage rock through a post-punk filter, with drolly delivered lyrical references to PCP and LSD. While the detached vocals sound far away on “Higher,” the speedy three-chord instrumentation evokes a Nuggets outtake. Their tune “Binary Worm” sounds like an audition for a beach party film with its blend of fuzztone guitar and organ rhythms." - Washington City Paper

"There’s such depth and emotional weight to this music, on top of being exceptionally well written. It’s not so much about the individual songs themselves, it’s about the experience of listening to the EP in full. Bottled Up exists in a very special place. Somewhere between being overwhelmed with the beauty of existence and the crushing weight of the darkness in the world. The duality of good and bad, what we wish could be and what is. This may not at all have been what they were going for, but that’s what it brought out in me." - Glory in Sound