Songbyrd Presents
Upstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 8:30 PM // SHOW: 9:00 PM

Free ($5 Suggested Donation)

Songbyrd and Alchemical Records Presents: The 5x5 Songwriting Showcase

Friday June 7th, 2019



Featuring musical performances by:

Nah. - http://nah.band/
Music by Giff - https://www.cakeismyfriend.com/
Jahnel Daliya - https://www.jahneldaliya.com/
Jasmine Gillison - https://www.jasminegmusic.com/
Steve Schillinger of Braddock Station Garrison - http://www.braddockstationgarrison.com/

The 5x5 Songwriting Showcase is a unique live event in that each event features an array of talent from around the Washington DC region. We film each live event in order to produce video and audio epsiodes which highlight each individual performer.

About Nah:
5 friends from the Washington DC area making indie rock, dreamgaze, hippie punk, or whatever you hear when you’re listening to them. Nah. began in 2015 with an almost entirely different cast of humans as the brainchild of bassist Brendan Ra Tyler, the intention behind it being a way to communicate better about mental health and healing, a purpose that has held strong for 3 years. As a group they strive to create more inclusive, loving, and safe spaces for anyone who might stumble upon one of their shows. Spaceship Sound Studios was started in 2018 in the Nah. band home by drummer Stephen Rodriguez as an effort to help boost the DIY community in DC and get more local music that they believe in on streaming services, or just out into the world for more people to hear. Nah. is all about music, community, and love. You’re welcome any time.

About Music by Giff:
Giff is owner/operator of CakeIsMyFriend Media, a Veteran owned lifestyle, media and retail company created to support, coach, motivate and entertain everyday people.
Giff's objective is to be, mildly entertaining, yet definitively informative. Through the use of Podcasts, Blogs, and Accessible Tools, he delivers, all of the goodness; none of the calories.

About Jahnel Daliya:
Jahnel Daliya has been performing her original music in the DC and VA area since 2014. She first began singing professionally at age 14 when she performed with two gospel projects in DC, Children of the Gospel followed by Urban Nation.

After making her rounds at numerous open mics and a singer songwriter series, Jahnel Daliya began performing as a trio at numerous venues, festivals, and fairs.

In 2016 she began recording her first record at The Brink Analog Studio which released June 2017.

Aside from her original music project Jahnel is a lead vocalist with a five piece classic rock/top 40 cover band, Badlands Band.

About Jasmine Gillison:
A quietly soulful voice paired with intricate finger style guitar brings listeners in to Jasmine Gillison’s introspective, observational world of storytelling. “Little Light”, her debut album, is a bit of a departure from her typical acoustic performances. A varied set of arrangements highlight the depth and width of Gillison’s aptitude for storytelling. Jasmine was fortunate to work with many talented musicians on this project, including Producer Ben Tufts (educator and percussionist in bands such as FuzzQueen, Virginia Creep and Uptown Boys Choir), Producer and Session Bassist Howard Rabach of Machine Room Studio in Arlington, VA, as well as a host of other musicians and great friends.

About Steve Schillinger:
Some of Steve's earliest memories are bouncing back and forth on the couch while his father played America records and his mother spun The Beatles. Twenty-five-ish years later, while working for four months in St. Louis, Steve borrowed his friend Tom Berger's guitar and asked him to show off some chords. The rest is history. As BSG's primary songwriter, Steve cites those early records, along with artists like Big Star and Ryan Adams and REM and The Jayhawks and The Grays and Sloan and The Connells and The Tragically Hip, as the templates for his compositions. A love for both stoner metal and prog rock creep to the surface every now and then. Steve has two self-produced solo records that you can ask him about.

Steve is a right-thinking musician: he likes his guitars American his amps British. So that means primarily Gibson and Taylor guitars and Orange amplifers. Though he does have a Fender Pro Junior for tiny little gigs and an Italia Rimini 12-string for when he wants to sound like Roger McGuinn. And he has a Rickenbacker now.

When not pretending to be a rock star, Steve works for an organization providing interactive patient care solutions to hospitals all across the United States. He and his wife live in Springfield, VA.