with Babbling April

Songbyrd Presents
Upstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 8:00 PM // SHOW: 9:00 PM

Free ($10 suggested donation)

Friday April 19, 2019

Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge


"'Range' is a big album, an ambitious one of intricate, cosmic layers, shifting textures, and plenty of exploration. Speaking Suns can present as throwback folk-rockers, Midwest art-rockers channeling the past couple decades of indie rock in Chicago, or experimental jammers. And they take risks." ~Prefix

"With a unique take on the American pop landscape of sounds & sensations, the long awaited follow-up to Speaking Suns' 2014 debut 'Vanishing Country' showcases a band seasoned from expansive tours of the Midwest where they offer up a unique guitar twang that exhales alongside brass inflected expressions that mix modes of the modern with a curious creative current that is all their own." ~Impose

"Nominally described as “indie pop,” the group—guitarists Jacob Diebold and Jay Teilhet, drummer David Byrne, bassist Dylan Sage, and trumpeter Jonathan Jacky—readily shifts between sunshiny radiance (joyful opening track “Spell,” with its massed vocal harmonies and peppy horns), moodier meditations (“Out of Range” has a distinctively woozy, almost Wilco-type vibe), and excursions into darkness (there’s an angular complexity at play in a track like “These Are the Days” which wouldn’t have been out of place on a classic Flying Nun band’s record in the ‘80s)." ~Blurt