with duendita

Songbyrd Presents
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM

$20 / $22



Songbyrd Presents

Tuesday April 16, 2019


You can hear Nyquist’s poise in the tidy psych-pop he makes as MorMor. Songs like “Heaven’s Only Wishful” and “Whatever Comes to Mind” are spacious and sturdy, leaning on Nyquist’s piercing falsetto and his ear for unorthodox chord progressions. He writes, plays, and produces almost everything you hear on his tracks, and his music feels appropriately solitary—not lonely, but isolated, like it’s coming from someone who’s spent a lot of time exploring every nook and cranny of his imagination.

“I’ve realized how much I’m my own person,” says Nyquist, “and it wouldn’t matter to me if I was in contact with my friends or family all the time. I could just live in my own world.” On his forthcoming debut EP, he fleshes out his intimate sound by exploring Radiohead-style dread, digital shoegaze, and radiant, lo-fi disco.

Along with the new track, MorMor is announcing headlining tours supported by a full band to happen in both Europe and North America in 2019.

Following a European jaunt that launches in late March, he will return to the US for a 12-date tour beginning April 16 in Washington DC before wrapping in Los Angeles on May 7th. European tour tickets will go on sale Friday, December 7th at 9 AM UK time and tickets for all US tour dates will be available on Friday at 9 AM PST at www.mormormusic.com


duendita’s soul music speaks to the heart and spirit. Ordained by her connection to the ups and downs of the human experience, she is a gateway to the divine. With her achy, bass-coated tones, the New York-based singer builds altars that hold space for love, ancestral reverence, and a blessed existence for all of the black and brown people on earth. duendita’s remarkable debut direct line to My Creator is the body around which these principles orbit.