Afro Ritmo Records and Songbyrd Present
Downstairs, 21+

DOORS: 11:00 PM // SHOW: 11:00 PM

$10 cover

Saturday March 30, 2019


21+ / $10 entry

Ritmos Raros: Afro Vs Latinx Vol. 2: Tropical Sounds and Sights from Jamaica, Peru, Trinidad, Colombia, Panama, Brazil and more!

w/ special guests....
The Comadr3 Selecta aka Diana Hernandez - Colombia | NYC
Daniel del Pielago aka Footlake - Peru | Palante DC - WPFW

Tropical DJ Support
Leon City Sounds and Sir Ramases ( Afro Ritmo Records)

Vintage Vinyl "Ritmos Raros"
A 50's-80s Afro Indian Latin Carib Arab Brazil Tropical Dancefloor Party - www.facebook.com/ritmosrarosdc

Diana Hernandez a.k.a. The Comadr3 Selecta is a Colombian vinyl collector based in Brooklyn, NY. She grew up dancing and listening to her fathers' collection of son cubano, guguanco, and boogaloo. Diana's love for reggae and ska music and culture has led her to produce, promote, and DJ at multiple concerts such as Los Pies Negros and Fidel Nadal in New York City. Diana spins a variety of latin sounds including clasic salsa, charanga, ska, and rocksteady. Recently, she traveled and played her records in Mexico City. Background: born in Bogota, Colombia. Partly raised in Jersey and Brooklyn.

Daniel del Pielago aka DJ Footlake ( Lima, Peru | DC )
Host of PA' LANTE Thursday's 3-5pm on WPFW 89.3 FM - Washington, DC Organizing Director - Empower DC

Claudia (Lima, Peru) and Charles (D.C.) – a.k.a. Leon City Sounds – are two selectors, avid record collectors of Peruvian Cumbia \ Jamaican Ska \ Reggae and radio disc jockeys based in Washington DC. They light up the dance floor with tropical rhythms from all over Latin America and Caribbean.

Leon City Sounds played guest gigs at Bomba Tropical (Lima,Peru), LIMA SOUL CLUB - 2do Aniversario (Lima, Peru) Vinileros del Trópico (Bogota, Colombia) , Rum & Coke (Miami), Ritmos Raros (Washington DC) and Barbès (Brooklyn, NYC)

Check out Leon City Sounds live mix in Lima, Peru for Red Light Radio: https://www.mixcloud.com/RedLightRadio/leon-city-sounds-for-rlr-x-fuga-in-lima-peru-11-28-17/

Mixcloud: mixcloud.com/leoncitysounds
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/leoncitysounds
Facebook: Leon City Sounds
Instagram: leon_city_sounds

Sir Ramases ( Ritmos Raros / Afro Ritmo Records )
Panama, Jamaica, Brazil, and Washington, DC

Originally from Washington, DC but with heritage / family in Panama, Jamaica, and Brazil, Sir Ramases is a man of many many talents. He spent his college years training in printmaking / sculpture / information technology as well as music research all the while playing the vibraphone / saxophone and doing a show at the local college radio station KTUH Honolulu. He started in high school collecting vinyl records and now has amassed over 60-100,000 unique titles from all five continents. With the help of his Afro Ritmo crew he manages his collections in Brazil, Panama, and Washington, DC.

Sir Ramases is the founder of the international non-profit Afro Ritmo Records Research Collective, which archives, collects, releases, and spreads awareness about the world's rarest music on the vinyl format. This group has six members in total each hailing from their distinct tropical homelands. They scour the earth looking for lost and forgotten musical treasures. With many countries traveled this group hopes to continue preserving indigenous music and culture for the years to come.

As a dj, Ramases has played guest gigs in Portugal, France, Toronto, London, Montreal, Mexico, Peru, Netherlands. Dominican Republic, Ecuador, he is the creator of Vintage-Vinyl Ritmos-Raros del Mundo tropical parties which have taken place over the course of nine years in Hawaii, New York, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela, Panama, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico and most recently back his hometown Washington DC. Ritmos Raros focuses on dancefloors rhythms of Africa, Latin America, India, Caribbean, Brazilian, and the Arab / Mahgreb / Sahel variety.

He is currently working hard finishing up the impending third release from Afro Ritmo Records titled "Fitz Vaughn Bryan: Trinidad Dance Band Series Vol.3", celebrates arguably the islands greatest arranger of big band calypso and saga music.

Ritmos Raros promotional team is comprised of people from Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Trinidadian, and Colombian decent.

Promoters: Charlene Thaxton Ponce, Zumaya Oliveros, Millicent Lee, Hector Garca, Marildes Silva

Vintage Vinyl / Ritmos Raros is the official party of Afro Ritmo Records.

Ritmos Raros is a moving but never ending nostalgic tropical vinyl dancefloor party dedicated to the rare and normally unheard rhythms of Africa, Latin America, India, Caribbean, Brazilian, and the Arab variety. Touching upon many genres we get together and try our very best to dance to different rhythms of each others cultures. We are looking for members who love dancing and learning about obscure music that may have not achieved popularity to due to a myriad of adverse circumstances. Join us if your interested in being exposed to sounds you might not hear otherwise outside of the countries of origin. Expect the unexpected: Hybrid transactions, unlikely collaborations / combinations, moods in a minor key, blood, sweat, and tears all wrapped up in its aural form strictly for your educational and spiritual enrichment.

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