with Lil Raven and Buku Bandz

LiveNation and Songbyrd Present
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM

$15 / $18 / $50 (VIP)

Songbyrd and LiveNation Present


Thursday March 14, 2019


Lil Tracy was born in New Jersey as Jazz Butler to musicians Ishmael Butler and Cheryl “Coko” Clemons. As a member of Digable Planets, his father won the Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group in 1993. His mother, as the lead singer of SWV, had multiple singles hit the Billboard Hot 100. One of them, “Sunshine,” was dedicated to Tracy. Though both of his parents were huge contributors to '90s R&B and hip-hop, Tracy says he wasn't aware of their accomplishments growing up: “I kind of don’t remember much. I was just a kid. I didn’t really know they were famous until I was older.”

Despite being a foundational figure of the so-called niche genre emo rap, Lil Tracy is quick to dismiss the label. “I fucking hate that shit. It sounds so dumb. Emo rap,” he scoffs, “I hate when people try to put me in one category.” When asked how he would categorize his own music, Tracy pauses to think: “If I had to had to classify it, it probably would be with a word that doesn’t exist yet.” Perhaps that is the only way to properly define Lil Tracy’s music, since the mixture of influences and sounds range from experimental electro, to trap, all the way to country. It was his country-rap fusion track, “Like A Farmer,” that most recently propelled Lil Tracy into the spotlight. “I made that shit by accident,” he says, laughing hysterically. “I was drunk as fuck and doing a farmer impression all night — no offense to, like, actual farmers.”