Songbyrd Presents
Upstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 8:00 PM // SHOW: 9:00 PM

Free ($5 suggested donation)

Thursday January 31, 2019

Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge


If it were not more than a century old, “Keep On The Sunny Side” could have been written with Melissa Plett in mind. This singer, songwriter and natural-born-performer embodies all that this classic folk tune represents. And like so many songs of its genre, era, and nature, it is rooted in messages of cheery optimism, yet challenging adversity, much like Melissa Plett.

From a farm yard in Manitoba to the sophistication of Montreal to the birthplace of folk and country and everything true about music, this truck-driver’s daughter has journeyed her way through thick and thin, chiseling and shaping her sound to what it is today. Melissa’s influences come from a musical immersion from birth where she developed a personal relationship with the down-south storytelling of Johnny Cash, the pioneering tell-all nature of Kitty Wells, and the heart-wrenching tales of hardship from Etta James and Ray Charles.

Melissa evolved from a shy country busker who hid behind the shadow of a hat to a Nashville groomed storyteller, a glittering bound of energy who holds your attention captive, blasts you across the room with her powerful voice and then slowly reels you in like a tractor beam, weaving her life experiences into the fabric of her craft with a laugh or with a tear. Her songwriting skills offer up a direct line into her soul, enriched by a lifetime of love and warmth, yet scarred by devastating heartbreak.