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Songbyrd Presents

Monday January 28, 2019


Only two members of Philadelphia trio Thin Lips are related by blood. Nevertheless, when three people stick together for over a decade through endless tours, countless band incarnations, and hundreds of recording sessions, they may as well be considered family. At the very least, they will be seen together on major holidays; but instead of hiding presents under a tree, they’ll probably be playing a basement show in Duluth. This is the case for Chrissy Tashjian, Kyle Pulley, and Mikey Tashjian, known collectively as Thin Lips.

Spend some time with the Tashjian siblings individually and you will quickly notice their admiration for one another. They’re a long way from covering Korn songs in their parents’ basement after school, and now the pair in their early thirties can’t stop talking about how proud they are of the adults they’ve become--Chrissy ever the admirer of Mikey’s sympathetic heart and boundless goodwill, Mikey continually praising his sister for her relentless support of the queer community, as heard on the opening track of ‘Chosen Family.’

Thin Lips’ sophomore album opens with a monologue about coming to terms with coming out: “Queer to me means boundary-pushing and love and community and relationship and chosen family.” It’s a brief, introspective respite before Chosen Family really kicks off, and once the album gets going it doesn’t take a second to breathe. Thin Lips’ songs are massive and constant, ever-shifting walls of hooks and riffs and Chrissy Tashjian’s incisive lyrics.

It’s a celebratory record, at least in that it feels like listening to the afterparty of a hard-won battle. It’s an album about community, first and foremost, and finding the people in this world that will always have your back. That’s buoyed by the list of guest appearances from musicians in and around the Philadelphia scene, from Hop Along’s Frances Quinlan and Joe Reinhart, who helped produced the album, from background vocals and instrumentals from Brendan Lukens, Kyle Pulley, and Zoe Reynolds.