with Pretty Eyes

Songbyrd Presents
Upstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 8:00 PM // SHOW: 9:00 PM


Tuesday January 15, 2019


An acoustic trio of delicious 3-part harmonies and instrumental variety, Fanfaire enjoys providing fresh, female takes on cover songs and, with 3 songwriters on board, is excited to start debuting their original tunes.

After 8 years of living and performing in Los Angeles, Kim returned to the east coast in hopes of finding some kindred spirits with whom she could continue playing music. Shortly after her arrival to DC, she was met by an impressively talented novelist, ukulele player and fellow mermaid enthusiast, Tanya. During their first encounter at a house party, Kim picked up her acoustic guitar, stood up at the mic (yes, there was a full PA there... She knew she had stumbled upon the right party that night!) and started playing one of her favorite covers, Radiohead's "High & Dry". Before reaching the first chorus, Tanya hopped on the drum kit to provide Kim with a simple yet ballsy backbeat. It was love-at-first-jam. The two started meeting regularly, arranging covers they both loved and performing at house parties and art salons. Soon after, to expand their sound, they happily welcomed Meredith (Kim and Meredith perform together in DC's top choir, the 18th Street Singers), along with her genius violin playing and her new love of the banjo, into their rehearsals. Meredith added exactly what Tanya & Kim were hoping for and easily found harmonies and string parts to decorate their sound. Recently, Kim, Tanya & Meredith have all brought original songs to the table, arranging and completing them as a group. This effort will culminate in Fanfaire's first album to be released in 2019. They are excited for their debut performance at Songbyrd on January 15th.