with FootsxColes, DJ Tomiyeyo, Anklejohn, El Cousteau, Jay Cousteau, Zhariah and DJ Exaktly

Songybrd Presents
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM



Songbyrd Presents

Friday December 28, 2018


Born and raised in Capitol Heights Maryland, the young 24-year-old emcee known as Odd Mojo brings a new type of retro sound and old school flow back to today’s Hip-Hop. Mojo is an artist boasting self-love awareness with her impressive wordplay to help bridge the gap between lyricism and Hip-Hop.

After the release of her Freshman EP ‘94 that was released in 2016 of May and Sophomore EP Channel Yo Mojo that was released in 2018 of January, she leaves her fans impressed and yearning for more. With Odd Mojo’s boom bap vibe and dark gritty sound, her effortless flow has paved the way to her success which leads her on the way to have her name alongside the greats by continuing to stay true to Hip-Hop and herself.


TOMIyeyo (n.): A transmitter of sound to receivers. A graceful being with a deep love for low-end bass, southern hip-hop, music from the early 2000’s, and anything that feeds her soul. Her goal is to master the art of music and the psychology behind it to inspire people through her carefully curated mixes.

Tomiyeyo views music, sound, vibrations as instruments of oppositional consciousness, particularly in relation to struggles over space. “In a world where space is not given to all, being present in those spaces and filling it with sounds I curate, challenges that notion. I am creating a space for myself and those likewise. It’s important for me to produce vibrations that can help people feel more "in tune" with themselves and their environment.”


Zhariah is a magnet, an artist who is impossible to forget. At twenty years old, she has already proven herself to be a powerhouse performer. Her pull is absolutely undeniable and her core DMV and Philadelphia audience is more than willing. Her aesthetic is a cross between Clueless and the Craft. Elegant, gothic, and a little bit dangerous.

Zhariah’s fusion of pop, screamo, and trap are so out of this world that it’s only a matter of time before the music industry fiends for them. Her anthemic songs “Stars” “Yass Siss” and Metal Whips, and Chains (available on all streaming) will have you on your feet, dancing in the mirror and feverishly searching for her next show date.