with Jahn Rome

Songbyrd and LiveNation Present
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM

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Songbyrd and LiveNation Present

Wednesday December 19, 2018


When Armani White steps up to the mic, you can hear him breaking off his shackles with the written word. “People hear you, but don’t want you knowing how powerful your voice is,” he assures me.

In 2015, the Philadelphia rapper first told DJBooth that his music genesis came from screaming until he finally felt heard. Three years later, White not only feels heard, but he’s grown comfortable with silence.

“I found peace in silence,” he explains. “Gaining my voice is so important that the silence has found its own color in my spectrum. Because now I do have a growing voice. So the silence is more so by choice.” Where once the silence was deafening, it’s now a sign of agency.

There’s also an element of control in White’s answer that has wormed its way into his latest material. After a two-year break from music following the passing of his father, during which time he completely restructured his team, White is once again hungry and voracious. Working with Sango on his latest tune, “Casablanco,” White spits like his life is on the line.

“How else do you explain that other than, I want it,” he says. “I still get those moments where I feel like I’m the little brother or the small kid in a big T-shirt that still has a lot of filling in to do.”

His recent collaborations with trombonist and producer Alexander Lewis carry that same booming quality. In the era of oversaturation and microwaved music, White represents the rare breed of artist who creates because they’ve no other way to navigate the world.