with The Bronzed Chorus and 3rd Grade Friends

Songbyrd Presents
Upstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 8:00 PM // SHOW: 9:00 PM


Saturday December 1, 2018

Monobody with The Bronzed Chorus

Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge


Monobody’s daring blend of influences both raw and refined has distinguished the group as an innovator in a trek beyond the limits of labels and genres. Hailing from Chicago where a rich musical history has consistently played a leading role in the conception and evolution of experimental music, Monobody’s budding discography has placed them firmly within the region’s next wave of definitive artists. Throughout its existence, Monobody has channeled their skill and creativity through the DIY ethics that were written into their DNA throughout their collective formative years. From the writing and rehearsal that takes place to the recording, album artwork, and pressing of their records, the group’s members take on a personal role in every aspect of their existence. This approach has resulted in an acute attention to detail, culminating in an unwavering integrity that is free of commercial compromise. To listen to Monobody’s work is to witness a uniquely sincere and exciting expression of an artist’s vision.


3rd Grade Friends is a power duo appropriately composed of third grade friends, Rob and Joe. Rob’s polyrhythmic drums sync perfectly with Joe’s hypnotic guitar work proving both are masters of their instruments. Their music is a juxtiposition of structured mathrock and chaotic punk, combined with long spacey throw back prog solos. And none of this will make sense, but when you see the chemistry of these old friends and combine it with the elementary school themed song names, you’ll laugh and cry as you remember recess with your old friends. Maybe you’ll call those old playground pals, meet up and discuss the old days, rekindling a friendship you both once forgot. And then you can look back and say “it was all thanks to 3rd Grade Friends”.