Afro Ritmo Records and Songbyrd Present
Downstairs, 21+

DOORS: 10:00 PM // SHOW: 11:00 PM


Saturday October 20, 2018


21+ / $5 entry

"Ritmos Raros: Noche de Cumbia Vol. 5 Colombia vs Venezuela vs Peru vs Panama -----> Cumbias Y Mas from Colombia, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, El Salvador, Bolivia and beyond.

w/ special guest Javier Roa aka Dj Rata from Caracas, Venezuela / Brooklyn, New York

Tropical DJ Support by Sir Ramases (Afro Ritmo Records)

"Noche de Cumbiamba" is a night dedicated to the offbeat musical sensation originating in the pacific and caribbean coast of south america known as CUMBIA. Join us as the Latin and African fusion sound of the palenque takes hold of your indigenous soul.

Cumbia Chicha Mapele Porro Puya Fandango Cumbia Selvetica Tamborito Salsa Bullerengue Guaracha Currulao Champeta


Kompa Cadence Afrobeat Soukous Ska Ethio-Jazz Chutney Carimbo Reggae Funana Coladeira Samba Semba and much much more.

Vintage Vinyl "Ritmos Raros"
A 50's-80s Afro Indian Latin Carib Arab Brazil Tropical Dancefloor Party - www.facebook.com/ritmosrarosdc

Javier Roa aka Dj Rata (Caracas, Venezuela)
Mambo Jambo (New York City)

Javier Roa aka Dj Rata started collecting records in 2000 and djing in 2001 in Caracas, Venezuela with an audio / visual collective called Simpl3. They began doing Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall dance parties and anything in between. Originally a Jamaican oldies Dj, He was in charge of playing all the Ska/Rocksteady/Reggae with the group. In 2008, he moved to New York City to make a name for himself with the local reggae scene. In NYC he was offered opportunities djing with the guys of "Move Your Mule" at Otto's Shrunked Head and the Reggae Punky Parties. After djing primarily Jamaican flavored music for so long, he decided to expand and express his love for many genres of music. He created his own vinyl record party called Mambo Jambo (Every third saturday of the Month also at Otto's Shrunken Head.) It provided an outlet where he could play Afro Cuban, Boogaloo, Salsa, Cumbia, Surf, 50s Rhythm and Blues, Rock n Roll, Doo Wop, Calypso, Rockabilly, and Exotica. He also djs every friday for happy hour at Diviera Drive.

Sir Ramases ( Ritmos Raros / Afro Ritmo Records )
Panama, Jamaica, Brazil, and Washington, DC

Originally from Washington, DC but with heritage / family in Panama, Jamaica, and Brazil, Sir Ramases is a man of many many talents. He spent his college years training in printmaking / sculpture / information technology as well as music research all the while playing the vibraphone / saxophone and doing a show at the local college radio station KTUH Honolulu. He started in high school collecting vinyl records and now has amassed over 60-100,000 unique titles from all five continents. With the help of his Afro Ritmo crew he manages his collections in Brazil, Panama, and Washington, DC.

Sir Ramases is the founder of the international non-profit Afro Ritmo Records Research Collective, which archives, collects, releases, and spreads awareness about the world's rarest music on the vinyl format. This group has six members in total each hailing from their distinct tropical homelands. They scour the earth looking for lost and forgotten musical treasures. With many countries traveled this group hopes to continue preserving indigenous music and culture for the years to come.

As a dj, Ramases has played guest gigs in Portugal, France, Toronto, London, Montreal, Mexico, Peru, Netherlands. Domincan Republic, Ecuador, he is the creator of Vintage-Vinyl Ritmos-Raros del Mundo tropical parties which have taken place over the course of nine years in Hawaii, New York, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela, Panama, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico and most recently back his hometown Washington DC. Ritmos Raros focuses on dancefloors rhythms of Africa, Latin America, India, Caribbean, Brazilian, and the Arab / Mahgreb / Sahel variety.

He is currently working hard finishing up the impending third release from Afro Ritmo Records titled "Fitz Vaughn Bryan: Trinidad Dance Band Series Vol.3", celebrates arguably the islands greatest arranger of big band calypso and saga music.

On this afternoon of Oct 20th Ramases will showcase his taste for what he calls "timeless music for future generations"

Ritmos Raros promotional team is comprised of people from Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Trinidadian, and Colombian decent.

Promoters: Charlene Thaxton Ponce, Zumaya Oliveros, Millicent Lee, Hector Garca, Marildes Silva

Vintage Vinyl / Ritmos Raros is the official party of Afro Ritmo Records.

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