with The Blancos

Songbyrd Presents
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM

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Songbyrd Presents

Friday October 5, 2018



After their sold out show at London’s Scala last November, ISLAND prepare to headline Heaven on the 3rd of May. An incredible feat when you consider they have released only a handful of singles to date. But then again it’s all part of this new indie bands commitment to dream big and release music independently, on their terms.

From their inception ISLAND are a band that have always loved the unique and spontaneous connection of the live show. Their star began to ascend when they sold out Oslo two months in advance last April 2015 prompting the move to book 800 capacity Scala and now the infamous Heaven.

As an unsigned band still firmly at the start of their career, this is indicative of the momentum building behind the band and dedicated fan base.

The London quartet have swiftly broken into the public consciousness since teasing the tracks that would comprise their debut EP ‘Girl’, released winter of 2015. Lead single Stargazer landed on the Spotify worldwide viral charts at no.7 clocking up over 2 million streams so far. After a string of high-profile festival dates and some Radio 1 backing – including some vocal support from Huw Stephens who proclaimed them “The band everyone is raving about,”... more

“The one band everyone is raving about” - Huw Stephens

“A direct reminder of how mellowed-out,
heartfelt songwriting can still hit like a ten-tonne truck,” DIY

“The band’s live shows boil and bubble with a
nascent energy,” CLASH




Art should be polarizing. It should provoke some sensibilities and excite others. It shouldn’t just toe the line and be safe. Where’s the fun in that?

Besides, it’s the artists that shake things up who we really care about, from Jim Morrison and Axl Rose to Kanye West and Trent Reznor.

That brings us to The Blancos.

As the story goes, the duo—Cory Hueston and Jayson Robbins—got their name from a homie of theirs during the months spent recording at a Brownsville studio in Brooklyn. They rolled up as literally, “The Blancos,” but could hang nonetheless. Since then, they’ve ingested way too many drugs, wrote not enough songs, and slept on just the right amount of floors to earn rockstar stripes.

According to The Blancos, you should just take a listen, but the best way to describe their music is sex, drugs, and 808s. They’re the distillation of the last bit of genuine energy left in milquetoast indie and so-called alternative scene.

“We just want to inspire or offend people,” exclaims Cory. “The politically correct world is killing art. Art is supposed to be a reflection of life, not paint a perfect picture of a world that does not exist. We’re in your face and—again, we don’t give a fuck.”

That spirit caught LAVA Records founder Jason Flom off guard, and he immediately signed the band during late 2017. They had a caveat though. “They had to let us be ourselves,” adds Jayson.

The first single “Know My Name” is proof. A claustrophobic cacophony of wiry guitars and gospel-size chants—“You gon’ know my name now”—organs swell and swirl like a revival ministry soundtracked by Yeezus and awash in promethazine-spiked Kool-Aid.

“It’s about self-confidence, self-belief, and going through the struggle,” continues Cory. “That’s what we’ve done.”

You’re going to know The Blancos’ name when their major label debut EP drops.

If you love it, come join the cult.

If it offends you…well, you know what to do.