with Ackerman, Makeup Girl

Songbyrd Presents
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 8:00 PM // SHOW: 8:30 PM



Songbyrd Presents

Ritual Talk with Ackerman, Makeup Girl

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

D: 7:00 // S: 8:00 PM
Ritual Talk is a Brooklyn-based indie rock trio with lush instrumentation and exploratory vocal arrangements that tinge each song with an unmistakable color, on and off the stage. Led by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Alex DeSimine and joined by drummer Tom Criblez and fellow multi-instrumentalist Dylan Gleit, each member of the band uses every limb they have to create a soundscape that transcends their three-person appearance.
Latest psychedelic alt-soul single “More Than I Can Mention” was released to stellar critical reception. The Deli NYC said “"More Than I Can Mention" is a song you'll want to put on repeat and rock out to, all day,” and according to indie blog We All Want Someone To Shout For, “the group somehow manages to combine elements of folk, psych-rock and art-rock into one immediate and catchy three-minute wonder.”
That release follows the band’s well-received debut EP, Rippled Glass, which was released near the end of 2017. Baeble premiered the five-song outing, saying “Each and every song glistens with its own special touch… breathtaking harmonies and sparkling instrumentation.” The EP was accompanied by two music videos for the singles “Help, I’ve Been Dreaming” and “Sense”. Of the latter song, Impose Magazine said “You won’t be able to stop listening.” Listen to Ritual Talk on all major streaming services now, and be sure to catch some of that energy on the road this fall.

Ackerman is an experimental pop group based in Brooklyn, NY. Starting as the bedroomproject of Jordan McAfee-Hahn, Ackerman has become the yummy collaborative effort of Jordan, Matti Dunietz, and Bernardo Ochoa.
Described by the Washington Post as "throwback indie rock," Makeup Girl is a music lover's dream come true. From their humble beginnings as a rock duo started by singer Brody Steck and drummer Caleb Schiebel, the band has expanded and matured into something much greater.
Joined by multi-instrumentalist Johnny Leander, and bassist Avery Steck, the band is now at full power.
Drawing from the likes of Stevie Wonder, the Strokes, Funkadelic, and the Arctic Monkeys, Makeup Girl's sound can be described as an explosive combination of pop rock and other genres including jazz, R&B, latin, and funk. Drummer Caleb Schiebel tirelessly pushes his set to the height of its capabilities, pumping out tight rhythms that allow guitar lines and melodies to run wild. Audiences should expect an engaging live show, ranging from energizing rock songs to dreamy jazz inspired numbers. Makeup Girl songs are filled with surprises as the band flows from groove to groove, seamlessly switching tempo and time signatures as the songs progress.
The band is currently preparing to release their newest and most ambitious EP to date, “Living Safe” - an atmospheric group of songs designed to pull listeners into a world of their own. With lush and carefully constructed arrangements, Makeup Girl’s newest release warns listeners of the dangers of “living safe” urging them to follow their own path in life. Although the most cohesive project from the band so far, “Living Safe” still keeps with the theme, using a mixture of many different styles and grooves that gives this release a sound of its own. Check out “Living Safe”, available everywhere May 11th.