Classic Album Sundays Washington Presents
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 1:00 PM // SHOW: 1:00 PM

$5 / $7

Sunday August 12, 2018


Classic Album Sundays is the world’s most popular album listening experience and allows the listener to hear music contextually, communally, uninterrupted, and in great sonic detail. At our worldwide listening sessions, music fans are able to immerse themselves into an album that has helped shape our culture and in some cases, our lives.

We relay the artist and album’s unique story and provide a musical context that gives the listening experience deeper meaning. We share the experience of hearing the album in its entirety, on vinyl, and on a world-class audiophile hi-fi so that fans can experience the music as close as possible to the artist’s original intention. Classic Album Sundays treats the album (and music in general) with the respect it deserves rather than as a free commodity or aural wallpaper. We remind people what they love about music.

For our August 2018 session we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jane's Addiction "Nothing's Shocking"!

In 1985 two legendary bands formed, Guns N' Roses and Jane's Addiction. One became the biggest band on the Strip, the other the biggest band in the underground. Within two years both would sign huge deals, release pseudo-debut records on independent labels, and then come out swinging with phenomenal major label debuts.

Both bands featured charismatic front men who could hypnotize any crowd, for example, but perhaps more importantly both bands featured shredders. During that period, there was a very distinct line separating metal and alternative. Indie music (or "college radio" as we called it back then) didn't feature guys who could play 16 notes per second on their Charvel guitars, and Sunset Strip bands didn't include guys with Rickenbackers and mandolins. It's just the way things were.

If Nothing's Shocking did nothing but hammer listeners over the head with noodling guitars, it wouldn't have been shocking. For that matter, if the band included a lighter waving power ballad no one would have been surprised. Jane's painted with a much broader palette, inviting friends Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Angelo Moore (Fishbone) to play horns on "Idiot's Rule," breaking out the steel drum for their best known song, "Jane Says," and slowing the tempo for the hippie gentleness of "Summertime Rolls."

Join us at one of our album listening sessions around the world to experience Jane's Addiction in a way you never have before.