with Sieve, Staffers, and Palette

Songbyrd Presents
Vinyl Lounge, All Ages

DOORS: 7:30 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM



Monday July 2nd, 2018
$5 Suggested Donation at the door

"Artistic endeavors are often muddled or lost among swooping genre terminologies and generalizations, especially under such an elusively niche umbrella as “math rock.” However, Fire Talk Records’ latest signees, Media Jeweler, may very well be under such a label, though they aim to stand alone in the frenetic energy in the composition of their songs alone. Their debut record, $99 R/T Hawaii, is out September 18, and its seven-song track list may as well be twenty-one—with every time a song’s tempo, structure, and momentum changes, it’s as though three or four tracks exist in one. Their first single, “No Exit,” is a manically constructed work in schizophrenic indecision, never able to make up its mind as to what it is. The familiar clean guitar picking and arpeggio mechanics are present, but they ebb and flow through realms of jazz notes, funk rhythms, and perhaps even industrial undercurrents irregular to the genre’s specifications. Its vocal absence (though vocals exist on a chunk of the rest of the record) is superfluously made up for with a plethora of instrumental and stylistic entrances and exits, jumping at cutthroat paces like a rapid jump on a trampoline, never landing in the same spot, to a point that is satisfyingly exhausting by its end." - IMPOSE MAGAZINE 



Sieve are a no frills, utilitarian tool with one function: sifting out the gritty sludge of atonal, garage rock clichés and leaving behind fat, golden nugs of weird, atonal basement rippers." - TINY MIX TAPES