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Songbyrd Presents
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Songbyrd Presents

July 1, 2018


The Yunahon Mixtape, the latest album from Long Beach, New York band Oso Oso, heralds punk’s pivot towards ’00s revivalism, which makes sense—’90s kids are aging out, and now it’s our turn. Leaving behind some of the more explicit classic emo and pop-punk influences present on their 2015 debut, Real Stories of True People, Who Kind of Looked Like Monsters…, The Yunahon Mixtape is instead a bricolage of sounds mined from early-to-mid-’00s, soft-rocking touchstones like the Shins (pre-muzak), Rilo Kiley, and the Weakerthans. These callbacks might seem a little premature to anyone over, like, 33, but for younger adults who occupy that awkward generational blind spot between dial-up and smartphones, an album reminiscent of the Wedding Crashers soundtrack is resonant on a visceral level. Thankfully, The Yunahon Mixtape isn’t just satisfying conceptually—Oso Oso singer Jade Lilitri is one of pop-rock’s great contemporary songwriters, as evidenced by the indelible “The Slope” and “Reindeer Games,” which shamelessly cribs the intro to “Ride” by the Vines but is ultimately a much better song.