7DC Studios and Songbyrd Presents
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 7:30 PM

$10 / $12




7DC Studios and Songbyrd Present

Saturday June 23, 2018


Catch an epic band showcase of 8 one-time bands keeping it fresh and funky with 20-minute high-energy performances… All bands form at a jam one month prior to the show. Time to increase the funk! Local musicians can register to perform at FlashbandShowcase.org

Keep the funk alive and fresh -- form a band at the jam on 5/20, and perform at 15-minute set live at Songbyrd on 6/23! The spirit of funk is so strong and deep that it's important to honor it with a proper Flashband showcase!

Mix some James Brown classics with some new Vulfpeck tracks, see if you can tackle a Hiatus Kaiyote song, and/or challenge yourself to write at least one original song or jam...


Start a one-time band among the ~45 participants at 7DrumCity during 4 hours of jam sessions. We'll all meet in the Cathedral Room at 4pm, then split into 6 different jam rooms, rotate rooms a few times, then reconvene in the Cathedral Room and form bands. Then your new band will learn and rehearse your set over the next few weeks, and alongside the other bands, perform on June 23rd at Songbyrd Music House! Each band must put together a 15 minute set.

Here's why 1900 people in the DC area love Flashband:

  • Meet and jam with new local hobbyists like you (no sketchy craigslist - we'll find the participants)
  • Play a Saturday night gig at a sweet venue just by showing up
  • Have all show logistics, backline, and promo graphics taken care of for you
  • Get professional photos of you performing with your instrument
  • New BFFs from your one-time band! (you might even stick together?)
  • A unique and unforgettable experience of comeraderie and support of fellow hobbyists