Afro Ritmo Records and Songbyrd Present
Downstairs, 21+

DOORS: 10:00 PM // SHOW: 10:00 PM

$5 Cover

21+ / $5 entry

"Ritmos Raros: Noche de Cumbia Vol. 4 Colombia vs Peru vs Panama -----> Cumbias Y Mas from Colombia, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, El Salvador, Bolivia and beyond.

w/ special guest aka Adrian Patino aka Adrian is Hungry from Santiago de Cali, Colombia / Brooklyn, New York

Tropical DJ Support by Leon City Sounds (Claudia A. Zevallos and Charles Lawrence and Sir Ramases (Afro Ritmo Records)

"Noche de Cumbiamba" is a night dedicated to the offbeat musical sensation known in caribbean coast of south america as "CUMBIA." Join us as the Latin and African fusion sound of the palenque takes hold of your indigenous soul.

Cumbia Chicha Mapele Porro Salsa Bullerengue Guaracha Kompa Cadence Afrobeat Soukous Ska Chicha Ethio-Jazz Chutney Carimbo Reggae Merengue Funana Coladeira Samba Semba and much much more.

Vintage Vinyl "Ritmos Raros"
A 50's-80s Afro Indian Latin Carib Arab Brazil Tropical Dancefloor Party - www.facebook.com/ritmosrarosdc

Adrian is Hungry is a Colombian DJ based in Brooklyn, NY.

He’s been collecting and sharing rare tropical and vintage afro-root sounds from Colombia, New York, Peru, Venezuela, the Antilles, Africa and more for the past couple of years in Brooklyn. He has made people dance in places like Lovers Rock in Brooklyn, Meteoro in Barcelona, Brilliant Corners in London, and SoHo House in Manhattan. A traveler and cultural anthropologist at heart, he’s been exploring and rediscovering his cultural identity through music research and curation.

He’s known for making your tia go wild with the tunes that bring her back to her youth, when she would sneak out the window to go dance with her friends from the block, sweat until the tile floor was slippery and celebrate, knowing that tomorrow’s worries were that.


Lxs Brookleen Brxs. is a club de melomanos, a vinyl collective composed of a group of DJs and music collectors from Brooklyn and Queens. Focusing on Latin vibes but never limited to a single genre, it’s about what sounds and makes us feel good. We are always on the hunt on the dollar bins for sounds that will make you dance and the party go wild. A new generation of New York artists, musicians, designers, romantics; writing and revisiting our history through sounds on wax. We are a group of friends sharing their stories and experiences, using music as an excuse to get together, to share and grow our community.


León City Sounds - Claudia (Lima, Peru) and Charles (D.C.) – are two selectors, avid record collectors of Peruvian Cumbia \ Jamaican Ska \ Reggae and radio disc jockeys based in Washington DC. They light up the dance floor with tropical rhythms from all over Latin America and Caribbean. Leon City Sounds hosts a weekly radio show “Latin Flavor: Tropical Edition” on WPFW (89.3 FM – wpfwfm.org) and a monthly show on Radio Crown (www.radiocrown.com).

Leon City Sounds

Check out Leon City Sounds live mix in Lima, Peru for Red Light Radio: https://www.mixcloud.com/RedLightRadio/leon-city-sounds-for-rlr-x-fuga-in-lima-peru-11-28-17/

Sir Ramases ( Ritmos Raros / Afro Ritmo Records )
Panama, Jamaica, Brazil, and Washington, DC

Sir-Ramases Kofi is the founder of the non-profit Afro Ritmo Records Research Collective which archives, collects, releases, and spreads awareness about the world's rarest music on the vinyl format. With six members in total each hailing from their distinct tropical homelands, this group scours the earth looking for lost and forgotten musical treasures. Afro Ritmo's second release: "Improvisation of Johnny Gomez: Trinidad Dance Band Series Vol.2", showcases the tenor saxophonist’s colorful mastery of the calypso genre

Afro Ritmo Records operates the nostalgic monthly tropical vinyl party entitled Vintage Vinyl "Ritmos Raros"in Washington, DC

Afro Ritmo Records

Ritmos Raros
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About Vintage Vinyl "Ritmos Raros"

Ritmos Raros is a moving but never ending nostalgic tropical vinyl dancefloor party dedicated to the rare and normally unheard rhythms of Africa, Latin America, India, Caribbean, Brazilian, and the Arab variety. Touching upon the many genres we get together and try our very best to dance to different rhythms of each other culture. We are looking for members who love dancing and learning about obscure music that may have not achieved popularity to due to a myriad of adverse circumstances. Join us if your interested in being exposed to sounds you might not hear otherwise outside of the countries of origin. Expect the unexpected: Hybrid transactions, unlikely collaborations / combinations, moods in a minor key, blood, sweat, and tears all wrapped up in its aural form strictly for your educational and spiritual enrichment.

Vintage Vinyl / Ritmos Raros is the official party of Afro Ritmo Records.

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