Songbyrd and Girls Drum! DC Present
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 5:00 PM // SHOW: 5:30 PM

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Songbyrd and Girls Rock! DC Present

Sunday March 11, 2018


The second annual Girls Drum! DC Fest is a benefit for Girls Rock! DC and spotlights bands that feature female drummers including Lightmare, The Meer, Ménage À Garage, More AM than FM and Syndicate 51.

GD!DC Fest is organized by pop-punk power trio Ménage À Garage, Project HERA, and 7 Drum City.

About ProjectHERA: Through a variety of resources, including education workshops and local musical events, Project HERA is dedicated to building and strengthening our music community, while providing a safe and encouraging outlet for women and young girls.
About 7 Drum City: DC's hub for musicians to LEARN, REHEARSE, and PERFORM! Drum Lessons for Adults and Kids in Washington, DC. https://www.7drumcity.com/
About Girls Rock! DC: With a base in music education, Girls Rock! DC aims to create a supportive, inclusive, and creative space for girls, non-binary, and trans youth of varying racial, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds; abilities; identities; and experiences to develop their self-confidence, build community, stand up, and rock out! Following in the footsteps of girls rock camps across the United States, Girls Rock! DC was founded in October 2007 by an all-volunteer collective of DC metro area musicians, teachers, artists and community organizers. http://www.girlsrockdc.org/
Lightmare: Facebook | Instagram
Lightmare is a six-person soulpunk arrangement making songs about love, death, and revolution, in any order and definitely overlapping. Smooth, sharp, warm, galvanizing, punchy, political, personal.
The Meer: Facebook | Instagram
The Meer creates a unique sound from elements of heavy psychedelic, indie alternative, dark, introspective, and straight forward minimalist rock. The Meer has played hundreds of shows across the six states surrounding the DC metro area, at venues such as Rock and Roll Hotel, DC9, Ottobar, countless house venues, and many others. They strive to uphold strong DIY ethos, and promote a supportive community for independent musicians everywhere.
Ménage À Garage: Facebook | Instagram
Pop punk power trio Ménage À Garage (MÀG) has become known for “crushing venues across the region with their heavy, yet simple, melodic rock beckoning a return to the music of previous decades.” MÀG’s 2016 submission to NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest was selected by WAMU’s Bandwidth as one of DC's "top 10" submissions. In November 2016, MÀG released the four-song “Throw My Doubts on the Fire” EP, recorded at Inner Ear studios. The song “You Get the Wiser” is featured on Skunk Roundup’s 2017 compilation, “Bummer Summer”. You can find MÀG on the major streaming sites: Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play, and on magrocksdc.com. New music coming spring 2018.
More AM Than FM: Facebook | Instagram
More AM Than FM is a fiery rock 'n' roll trio from the DC metro area. Selena, Anjalee and Mel came together from the ashes of previous musical efforts and found their niche amongst the chaos of the rock 'n' roll cosmos. With a great fondness for the sound of the blues traveling through an overdriven amplifier, an affinity for the good old melancholy days of punk and a dissatisfaction for the common
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoreAMThanFM
Syndicate 51: Facebook 
Syndicate 51 (S51) is comprised of Steven Bratland, Meosha Eaton, Benjamin Bloom and Ebony Smith. Coming together creating a sound like no other where rock, reggae, hip hop and soul are all infused as one. S51 is a group of individuals that merged their solo music talents/careers and passions to form a force of phenomenal and unique talent. Syndicate 51 hails from the DMV area as a band where they play locally and collaborate with various artists.


Brought to you by Ménage À Garage, 7 Drum City (https://www.facebook.com/7DrumCity/) and Project HERA (https://www.facebook.com/projectHERA/)

Proceeds go to GR!DC.
Learn more about GR!DC here: http://www.girlsrockdc.org/
And follow them here: https://www.facebook.com/GirlsRockDC/