with Madison McFerrin and Reality TV

Songbyrd Presents
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM

$10 / $12




Monday June 12, 2017



• How would you describe the sound of Sidewalk Chalk? It’s all about diversity in the music and the content and the instrumentation and what we look like. And it’s about being creative. There’s lots of jazz and hip-hop and soul and funk in the music. We have stuff that sounds new and stuff that sounds old. Being creative with raw energy and musicianship is at the forefront of what we do.

• Talk about the band’s instrumentation. The band is keyboards, bass, drums, trumpet, trombone, a singer (and a rapper) — we really stress that. We do our best to create a big sound, but to also have that flexibility to have intimate moments in the set. We cover all the bases. The band has the flexibility to bring it up or to bring it down.

• What would you say about the look of the band? It’s not something we think about. The music community in Chicago is so diverse in terms of everything — age, sex, race. People are people. Musicians are musicians. There are white folks in the band, black folks in the band, Jewish folks in the band, women in the band. It means something for people to see that onstage. I hope it inspires something in people. Come to our show and see different-looking people having fun and creating something.

• How would you describe the “Shoulder Season” album? We really wanted to highlight our live show. We recorded in seven cities around the country, including St. Louis, all new material, and pieced them together. Half a song could be from Chicago, the bridge could be from Nashville and the end of the song could be from Detroit. There’s lots of crowd noise in there and what feels like a packed room. We didn’t want it to sound too polished. We want it to sound like you’re in the venues we love.



Madison McFerrin is a born and bred Soul artist who combines the story telling once revered in the past with the sound of the 21st century. Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, she has spent her life cultivating her style through studying and playing. As the co-founder of the funk/soul group Cosmodrome, she spent her college years touring the Eastern US playing venues large and small, from legendary NYC club The Blue Note, to Bonaroo, opening up for Emily King and Hiatus Kaiyote, all of which helped land the attention of notable artists such as Chick Corea and Questlove of The Roots. She then joined the SpiritYouAll band led by her father, jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin, as a background and featured vocalist from 2013-15 for his global tours.She has since sung with greats such as Aretha Franklin, George Clinton and the PFunk All-Stars, as well as for hip hop legends De La Soul backed by The Roots. With the hope of bringing old soul into the popular music of today, Madison has gone about curating her own individual sound while honoring the many influences that came before her. Using these elements, she independently released her debut EP, and first installment of her fully a cappella series entitled Finding Foundations December 2016.


Reality TV is a group of well rounded musicians that joined together and started a band that fuses R&B/HipHop/Alternative/Jazz music all in one to make the perfect sound. These guys all graduated with degrees in music or have played with notable artists and are very knowledgable in the language of music. All are full of energy providing an explosive performance.