Songbyrd Presents
Upstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 6:30 PM // SHOW: 7:00 PM


Thanks to Feist and her listentofeist.com campaign we will be receiving a pre-release copy of her new album (and first since 2011) "Pleasure" this Wednesday! Join us for a spin!

About the album, her hometown Toronto Star writes:

"Leslie Feist is coming out of a personal black period. You can hear her going through it, rendered in unadorned, undiluted terms with that “thumbprint on the soul” pressing heavily down, on the exposed musical nerve that isPleasure, to be released on April 28.

“I don’t know if it comes from too much jet lag, the vertigo of too much travel, the vertigo of too many memories, the weight of carrying all these stories and versions of yourself in triangulation of who you are in relation to all these deep, long friendships and crumbled relationships and resilient relationships and, like, who’s real and who turned out to be hollow and who is what they purport to be,” she says. “But it felt like kind of a passion play . . . like being in this swarm of locusts of not knowing up from down. I got kinda lost there for awhile.”

Pleasure, a hushed affair often built around nothing more than Feist’s voice and nimble guitar playing, is the most nakedly personal entry yet to come along in the Calgary-born singer/songwriter’s five-album canon. Most of it is so quiet you can hear amps humming away in the background, hear the hiss of tape during the pauses."