Songbyrd and HHBC Present
Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 1:00 PM // SHOW: 1:00 PM



Songbyrd and HHBC Present

Saturday July 29, 2017


Hip Hop Book Club is a monthly organized discussion on musical contributions to hip hop culture by various artists. Hip Hop Book Club isn't a "book club" in a literal sense, but rather in theory. We take some of Hip Hop's dopest projects and discuss them in a book club-like atmosphere.

Hip Hop Book Club is an event designed to both educate and initiate discussion amongst those who are influenced by hip hop culture. Our motivation in creating such an event is growth. On a global scale, rap music is rapidly changing people’s interpretations of music and language in general. It is important that we appreciate various aspects of the organic elements of the genre, while also being an integral part of its evolution. In the spirit of this growth, we feel that it’s important for listeners to come together and celebrate hip hop culture in a unique manner while sharing and learning unique perspectives on the art.

Join Good Culture+ Saturday July 29th from 1PM-2:30 PM , for this special event at Songbyrd Music House in Washington, D.C. , as we will be discussing Jay-Z's first project, Reasonable Doubt!