Celebrating 40 Years of Stevie Wonder's
Songs In The Key Of Life

Downstairs, All Ages

DOORS: 4:00 PM // SHOW: 4:00 PM

$5 / $7

Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe is proud to announce they will be hosting Classic Album Sundays Washington DC!

Classic Album Sundays is the world’s most popular album listening experience and allows the listener to hear music contextually, communally, uninterrupted, and in great sonic detail. At our worldwide listening sessions, music fans are able to immerse themselves into an album that has helped shape our culture and in some cases, our lives.

We relay the artist and album’s unique story and provide a musical context that gives the listening experience deeper meaning. We share the experience of hearing the album in its entirety, on vinyl, and on a world-class audiophile hi-fi so that fans can experience the music as close as possible to the artist’s original intention. Classic Album Sundays treats the album (and music in general) with the respect it deserves rather than as a free commodity or aural wallpaper. We remind people what they love about music.

To mark the 40th anniversary of Stevie Wonder’s iconic eighteenth album ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ we’ll be hosting a Classic Album Sundays Washington DC session on Sunday, the 18th September.

Recorded over two years the album is arguably Stevie’s finest hour (85:21 mins to be precise!!) containing hit after hit. “Sir Duke”, “I Wish”, “Pastime Paradise”, “Isn’t She Lovely”, “As” and “Another Star” are all included making this truly a masterpiece. To make an album that doesn’t contain an average song is hard enough, let alone doing it on a double album as Stevie has done here.

First immerse yourself into the Musical Lead-Up followed by the story behind the album. Then kick back and listen to the album in its entirety on a glorious hi-fi courtesy of Audioism.

Get your tickets early as this one is sure to be popular!