Philly Garage-punk led by the powerhouse vocals of Tina Halladay; $21


Sheer Mag
Need to Feel Your Love

"Sheer Mag are a dream come true for anyone who loves the swagger and guitars of AOR, but hates the overpowering masculinity of it. The Philadelphia quintet have guitars and swagger to spare, but they are led by the powerhouse vocals of Tina Halladay. She has all the bluster and monitor-shredding power of any shaghy-haired hard-rocking dude one might imagine, but her outlook is decidedly less standard issue. It's almost revolutionary to hear her singing about needing to turn it up or getting ready to kick some loser's ass. Sung by a yowling bro, not so great; sung by Halladay, pretty awesome. The guys backing her are on fire, too; whether doling out bitchin' twin guitar leads, stomping through some dusty Southern swamps or rockin' after midnight, they have a firm grasp on every kind of '70s album rock that was worth the vinyl it was pressed on." - Allmusic.com