Textured, exploratory 2nd album from Alex Tebeleff's DC indie-rock collective; $22


Are These the Questions That We Need to Ask?

"This is loud guitar stuff you simply have to love" - Rolling Stone

"Math rock that never feels cold" - USA Today

Through a wide palate of psych, kraut, classic pop and noise, Paperhaus rips through eight new tracks on Are These the Questions That We Need to Ask?


Paperhaus was founded in 2006 by Alex Tebeleff (Black Lodge) along with childhood friends Eddie Rivers and Jeff Galfond, and fleshed out by various collaborators over the years.

In 2017, Tebeleff has continued the project and is joined by new writing partners Matt Dowling (Deleted Scenes, The Effects, Joy Buttons) and Rick Irby (Den-Mate, Wanted Man, Jau Ocean). The current ensemble shines most on new songs like “Told You What To Say,” “Go Cozy,” and “Walk Through The Woods,” where some of the band’s heaviest guitars mix with a potent, mechanical rhythm section and Tebeleff’s Moog Sub 37, on which many of these compositions were first conceived.