Comedy Beyond The Table Five Year Anniversary Show
Downstairs, 21+

DOORS: 7:30 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM

$5 Donation


"Happy Fucking Birthday to US.

In October, Comedy on the Table, D.C.'s longest running stand-up comedy show to highlight the area's funny women turned five years old. So we're celebrating those ELEVEN shows we've done by bringing a bunch of amazing performers back for an extravaganza of laughs on a Tuesday night.

This is one of FOUR Comedy on the Table anniversary shows.

And it's a benefit for N Street Village so you can't go wrong.

Anupama Pillalamarri (Comedy on the Table #1!)
Natalie McGill (Comedy on the Table #2)
Katherine Jessup (Comedy on the Table #2)
Hillary Scofield (Comedy on the Table #5)
LizaBanks Campagna (Comedy on the Table #5)
Eva Mozena Brandon (Comedy on the Table #7)
Stephanie Joyal (Comedy on the Table #9)
Wendy Wroblewski (Comedy on the Table #10)
Leigh Crenshaw (Comedy on the Table #10)

And your host Valerie Paschall -- who has been on all of these shows because she put them together.

This just might be the best ensemble comedy show you see this year."

Downstairs, 21+