Mojùgbá with Aphrosoul


DOORS: 1:00 PM // SHOW: 1:00 PM

SUNDAY JUNE 29, 2016

Mojùgbá: A Yoruba prayer recited to give homage to the Egùn (Ancestor) or an Òrísá (Deity of Nature).

I like to invite you to, a place... A special place, an oasis, where like minded spirits can come together in love, tenderness, and devotion. Where we can love ourselves, and love one another, and it's okay to be who you are, completely free from the social restrictions of the outside world.

Inspired by David Mancuso The Loft, the legendary party Body & Soul NYC, and the Yoruba African Cuban spiritual path, MOJÙGBÁ, began Friday, February 15, 2013, at bushbaby, a small 800 square foot vegan restaurant bar & grill, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Every month on the 3rd Friday, artistic, bohemian, gypsy, holistic, eclectic, soulful, creative beings of high vibrations came together giving homage through food, art, music, dance on the foundation of ancestral spirituality. those who attended and participated were treated more as guest in your home as opposed to customers. For the vibe was more of community, tribe, family. An eclectic blend of danceable music, ranging from the familiar to the obscure. Feeling like a welcoming, warm hug, the music told a story taking you on a journey, of your mind, your body, and you spirit.

Now monthly, on the 3rd Sunday afternoon, we the creatives come together, to love, live, laugh, dance, release, and heal, in total freedom giving homage, through music, dance. My name is Aphrosoul Lukumi, and I invite you to come with me to, MOJÙGBÁ.

About Aphrosoul Lukumi:
Aphrosoul Lukumi has in some capacity been in the music scene just over have his life. From club security, to doorman, to promoter, to club dancer to DJ. spinning a high quality very danceable blend of eclectic soul music, Aphrosoul Lukumi has spun along side and opened for everyone from DJ Spinna, Rich Medina, Quentin Harris, Danny Krivit, Tony Humphries, Barbara Tucker, Dawn Tallman, Julie Dexter, Donnie, to Grammy Nominated sister duo Les Nubians. Aphrosoul Lukumi is a conduit, an instrument, a musical messenger in addition to being a Certified Yoga Teacher. His lifelong connection to the music transcend mind, body, soul, spirit. Telling stories, conveying feelings, and taking you on a journey with music comes from deep within. Channeling through the Yoruba Afro Cuban spiritual practice of ancestral reverence and their guidance bringing about connection to the divine self uplifting vibrational frequencies, to facilitate love and healing through the power of music.

1PM - 7PM
2477-2475 18TH ST NW
NO COVER! (Unless Specified)

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